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I grew up in a small Swedish suburban town during the 70's and the 80's. Art and music was always a key element in our household and we travelled quite a bit; mainly to Italy where my dad was born.  During those childhood travels I also started my photographic journey. In my early teens I was handed a vintage B/W enlarger and I purchased my first secondhand 35mm camera. 

Armed with my first camera and beginner's enthusiasm I photographed everything that caught my eye. Early on I found Italian women's assertive consciousness of their physical appearance and sexual awareness deeply fascinating which made a huge impact on my teenage self and also stood in stark contrast to my upbringing in Sweden and Scandinavian women; who's femininity and beauty appeared quieter and more reserved in comparison.

These, and other, cultural differences have left obvious traces in my work. I love strong, feminine, sensual and a bit dreamy-romantic imagery; Sometimes it's loud and strong; full of texture and color and other times it's more quiet and toned down; but always celebrating the female beauty in whichever shape and form it appears.

I love art, film, history and music from which I draw a lot of my inspiration.

My journey has  taken me criss cross around the world but since 1998 I have been calling NYC my home.  

For me, the basic idea of a successful photo production is very simple: Creativity, collaboration, humility, respect and joy.

I am currently self represented, I work with the best talent (including brilliant producers), I stay on budget, tell amazing stories and have a great time doing it!

I am passionate about my work and dedicated to my clients!

Thank you for visiting and keep in touch!