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I was born in a small Swedish suburban town; growing up during the 70's and the 80's. In my mid teens I was handed a very old B/W enlarger and I purchased my first secondhand 35mm camera.

My father had immigrated to Sweden from Italy in the late 50's and left behind his mother and close friends so every summer my family and I would pack up the car and drive through Europe to visit.  

During my many childhood travels to Italy I also started my photographic journey; photographing everything that caught my eye but mainly people. Early on I found Italian women's consciousness about their physical appearance and sexual awareness deeply fascinating; Their intent of constantly seducing without being submissive and viewing their femininity as a strength instead of a weakness.  This experience has left obvious traces in my work: I love feminine, sensual and a bit dreamy-romantic imagery with the woman in focus.  My journey has  taken me criss cross around the world but since 1998 I have been calling NYC home.  My basic idea of a successful photo production is very simple: Creativity, collaboration, humility, respect and joy.

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